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Nexus 7 will be disrupter in the Tablet market

Posted Jul 12 2012 1:47pm

Beijing time on July 12, according to foreign media reports, the Android operating system has been in the Tablet market is not very good, but now the situation may be improved. Next week, Google will launch a self designed Android Tablet--Nexus 7, priced at $ 199, configured with 7-inch multi-touch screen. In the view of many people, Nexus 7 will be disrupter in the Tablet market.

In the tests a few weeks later, there is reason to believe that the Nexus 7 will become the best Android tablet ever. It can replace more expensive Apple iPad (price $ 499, screen size larger), can also provide a more direct competitor--Amazon launched Kindle Fire shocks (price also stood at $ 199, 7-inch screen). Insiders said that Nexus 7 than the same specification of Samsung's tablet is better performance and lower prices (Samsung Tablet is priced at US $ 250).

Google's new Tablet PC does not have all the features of the iPad. For example, it is not configured with 3G wireless communication function, no rear camera nor iPad kind of dazzling high-resolution screen, the screen size is only half of the iPad. Nexus 7 memory size is only half of the iPad, users can play less content than Apple or Amazon's device only supports music, movies and television shows. Nexus 7 applications that are available on very few applications on the iPad it is learnt that have exceeded 200,000.

However, for smaller budgets of users, Google's Tablet is better than iPad that benefits a lot. For those who like a more lightweight and compact tablet users, Nexus 7 requires only one hand you can do. For those users that prefer Google's eco-system, its applications, services and content are much more obvious than Apple's familiar.

While Nexus 7 has many flaws, their experience is not bad actually. Nexus 7 even contains a characteristic of artificial intelligence, which is somewhat similar to Apple's Siri. This attribute can answer some of the issues raised by users via voice, like Siri. In addition, Nexus 7 also added something called "Google Now" attribute, you can display the current user a number of useful information, such as address, time, weather, traffic conditions, from the home to the company booking event reminders, and flight information.

There is an important characteristic for Nexus 7, which exceeds all previous Android tablet, that its battery par is cruising time with the iPad. It can be used continuously for more than 10 hours, 45 minutes more than the latest iPad.

There is no doubt that iPad has become almost synonymous with the Tablet, tablets from other vendors are not escape comparison with iPad's fate. Recent outgoing Apple introduced smaller, cheaper iPad, which would seem to indicate that Nexus 7 is difficult on the market. Besides, Apple iPhone5 is coming, more and more people are waiting for it, even some iphone fans have bought many kinds of iphone accessories in best case mall, such as cute iphone cases, stylish iphone cases, unique iphone cases and so on.

However, at least judging from the current situation, it seems that more direct opponents is Amazon's Kindle Fire for Nexus 7. With Fire similar to Nexus 7 was designed as a main content consumption (content-consumption) device. And Apple is different, Google creates Nexus 7 primarily for production efficiency and creative considerations, this is consistent with the design concept of the Amazon, hardware devices that allow users to use the cheaper to visit Google places in the sky music, videos, books and magazines.

In addition, Nexus 7 home screen will appear on the recently opened music, books, and other content, which you are currently viewing, and array appears as an icon on the screen, easy for users to see. Google's applications and content store has now changed its name to "Google Play", so Nexus 7 marketing slogan was "specially build for Google Play" and "game (Playground) is now open."

While Nexus 7 sizes and prices are very similar to Kindle Fire, but Google Tablet PC hardware and software quality is much better than a Fire. Fire shape looks awkward, and you did not configure the camera and microphone, their operating system is being seriously modified Android, than many real Android to be mediocre. The appearance of Nexus 7 looks more concise, attractive, configured with a smooth, fast, a new version of the Android operating system. In tests, the Nexus 7 battery navigation time is far more than Fire, almost 5 hours.

In addition, Nexus 7 and other devices, you can run the 60duowankuan application that one can see the application offered by Apple fair, than can Fire run 25,000 applications only to much more.

The past, a lot of Android application user experience is worse than Apple and Amazon, in large part because it is not supported by Google. However, several of the best Android applications are excellent many than Fire, most of these applications can be running on the Nexus 7, Nexus 70% is an ideal equipment in productivity and innovation.

Nexus 7 by ASUS for the Google generation workers, this is a special product of Google in order to "Nexus" to its name. Now on the market have Nexus phone, Nexus Nexus of paragraph 7 was the first tablet. Now Nexus 7 already in the Google online store ( to make reservations, to be shipped next week. In addition, some entities retail stores will also sell the tablet computer next week, users do not need to cover the cost of wireless communications, because the Nexus 7 only supports Wi-Fi.

In addition, Google also unveiled the latest version of Android--the "Jelly Bean".

This is not a revolutionary updates, but it optimization and improvement of the Android system, enables the user to operate more smoothly and rapidly, and joined the previously mentioned Google Now features. "Jelly bean" makes Android can finally and Apple iOS on an equal footing in two ways: hardware response capabilities, as well as having to frequently return to the main menu. "Jellybeans" Galaxy now supports the Samsung Nexus phone, other Android devices are supported slowly.

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