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nanning minimum temperatures dropped

Posted Jan 07 2013 4:08am
Originally, liao lady with her former husband divorce, consult a good two years old of children raised by their common, and negotiate good day children whose   nike kobe 6 sale
belt. The

incident on the same day, the child should be cared for by ms liao's ex-husband is responsible for, but ms liao because there is a party, want to take their children to

go. But the move was found by her ex-husband's strong opposition, her former husband's current wife huang also come out to have them say liao lady fell, don't let her

take the child away. Liao woman angry, just like huang dispute, then husband also to assist ms huang beating liao. Later, liao woman called the police.

Under police's education and mediation, ex-husband ms liao is allowed to pick the children up again in the evening that day, and I agree to pay liao lady certain

medical expenses. But liao lady worried about her ex-husband, puts forward and let her to send their child to binhu police station at the door.

The evening of the day, when ms liao's ex-husband, keep the send their children to police also supervise and in the distance, until make sure liao ladies' safe collect

child before you leave. 5, liao lady send police thank-you letter and fruit.

At midday on January 6, a black SUV car is suddenly stopped at the chaoyang road nanning's road surface cleaning the sanitation workers, two men got out and shouted at

sanitation workers said: "you were laborious!" Then take a warm scarf to sanitation worker in his hand. Face so sudden, received a lot of warm scarf of women began to

are very surprised, but know  nike kobe vii shoes sale
that this is for their warm, free love, only after thank you accept it.

Reporter saw in the street, the black SUV car in chaoyang road, renmin street, xiguan road, Shanghai road, jinan road sections such as the special find dustbinman, as

long as a see a dustbinman on the road, stop immediately, on the 2 male and female, give dustbinman to jump off a warm scarf... When reporters after man came and asked

to send the scarf, they all don't want to say his name and unit, saying only that see the cold dustbinman in cleaning, to city, also very admire! So we want to give

them to send the scarf.

However, when a man in the communication among them out part of their plan, 500 scarf send out quickly!" Called the person answer 1: "it doesn't matter,

later again to buy 500 get out!"

On January 5, is slight, nanning minimum temperatures dropped to 2.5 ℃. At 5 PM, in thin YaoXiaoGong from nanning guestrooms taoyuan area school to home by bike, she

worry about suffering from uremia's father has been frozen.

XiaoGong originally have a happy family, but in July, 2008, all this is changed because of dad YaoKun tu suffering from uremia. Sick after the father cannot work, in

November 2010, the mother with XiaoGong back to shandong maiden will no longer come back.

All say father feeling, XiaoGong in    nike lebron vi shoes sale
shandong to live for a month, I heard dad because of illness has a high fever, 11 years old, she resolutely back to nanning, a

person take on the responsibility of taking care of dad.
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