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Nadal smile cover loss, a small German cap with the New York Fire send blessed

Posted Dec 26 2012 1:56am
With a small German one hand through the score is recorded, the Serbs wind, about to throw away the hands of the racket, NFL Football Jersey and then lying on the ground, enjoying the blessings of people's champion. After a moment of celebration, a small German come to the net and Nadal lost shake hands, the Spaniard also sent generous blessings. Excitement followed by a small German jersey thrown off the stands and toward the team and the coach's box with his family to embrace. Subsequently, the Assembly invited the audience to give the host the first Nadal applause in recognition of their time for each point behind the tireless efforts of dedicated, heard here, Nadal stood up, although still very disappointed, but still very demeanor of waving. Then, turn the small German celebration time in the VIP box in his players, his parents, girlfriend, coach Wajda, physical division, as well as other friends and relatives of members of all stood up together for him to achieve this dream of a warm celebration, tears of excitement and smile intertwined. In the ceremony site layout is completed, the Assembly invited the audience once again host the first two players to give a warm applause. Then, President of USTA Woge Sen, he said, "Please applause dedicated to these two great champions. Rafah, you broke into the finals again this year, I know you want to get this title for This you have to make every effort, but your opponent is too nfl jerseys from china strong, I hope you can come back next year, thank you for so many days to play exciting. "sent blessings to Nadal after Woge Sen continued. "Novak, your performance this year was perfect, made so many incredible success, we proud of you, congratulations, you become the new U.S. champion. I hope you play better in the next, it is difficult Imagine you lost only two games. " Next, the General Assembly moderator announced that two players into the speech time, the first runner-up Rafael Nadal from the floor. Rafah said, "I will be disappointed of course, but I want to congratulate Novak and his team, his performance is incredible, he is currently the world's most outstanding player, he deserves the championship." Nadal's generosity and the wonderful speech drew warm applause from the audience, he immediately said, "I do everything up today and I tried to play more aggressive, tried all ways, but always Novak a strong return, which is tennis, even if you play the best standard may not win the next jersey dallas cowboys game, but I will continue to work hard, constantly upgrade themselves, I believe I will get better next year. "Nadal is still trying to adjust emotions, But his smile, we can Botas Ugg Online feel his loss. Runner-up prize from Woge Botas Uggs Sen, who took over after-hours, Nadal went on. "I thank my team for the U.S. Open organizers, sponsors him, of course, is the most enthusiastic audience in particular, we will not forget the past, yesterday is a difficult day for everyone, I commandes de bottes renard chine hope you cherish our family and friends. " Novak Djokovic won the championship and then turn to speak, just very excited Novak also has been restored calm. After the game he put on a red sweatshirt hi Xing, wearing a New York Fire Department hat. Cup dreams about the moment, can not help but once again showing little sign of Germany's invincibility cute smile, "This has been my dream, I now feel great, this really was perfect every time and the game Rafah very hard, I hope in the future we will have more exciting contest of course I also congratulate Nadal's team. "followed by a small German also referred to" 9-11. " "We will work together, our hearts forever and we should be aware how lucky we are, you can do something you enjoy" Little Germany, a wonderful speech also won the audience's applause. "The ability to reach the final here, won the championship, which is full of surprises, I want to thank my team, my parents, my girlfriend, friends, and my fitness coach. My uncle came today Today is his birthday, wish him a happy birthday and I look back here next year. " Finally, the much-anticipated moment of the cup, the main Xiwogesen the USTA's U.S. Open men's singles gold Guangcan Gold Cup winner to the small German hands, while holding Novak is very excited to play the air, proud face on still carries a smile that invincible innocence. Nadal took a photograph with the air max 90 trophy, people expect that iconic scene appeared not surprisingly, the authentic jerseys wholesale small German kiss Gold Cup moment, Botas Ugg Baratas a time the whole Arthur - Ashe Stadium round of applause. At that moment, everyone for the Serbian people to realize their aspirations happy. Congratulations, Novak - Novak Djokovic!
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