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My Mom's Hospital Stay

Posted Mar 21 2010 7:20pm

If you have a loved one who is in the hospital or will have to go into the hospital, please be aware that even though we want to think they will be taken well care of, it doesn't always happen that way.

My Mom, 79 years of age fell while visiting relatives out of state during Christmas. She was taken to the emergency room where they took one x-ray of her arm that she fell on. She was told that it would heal and there would not be any required surgery. 

When she returned home, she went to her surgeon who had done a hip replacement for her two years earlier. She was told she needed surgery as soon as possible.

So after getting everything in order to have the surgery done, Dr David Schneider did a shoulder replacement.  By the way, we highly recommend him.

While in the hospital, our family friend and I tried to be there at all times during the day. The doctor had told her it would be a two night stay. The day after she had the surgery, they came in and told her Medicare would only pay for one night in the hospital. So, we put a call into the doctor.  He had to somehow give the okay for her to stay two nights after the surgery. And she did.

The next day, she had to call the nurse assigned to her to get pain medication. They told her over and over, it would be easier to stay on top of the pain than to catch up to it, and to take it every 4-6 hours forthe first few days after surgery.

One nurse was not performing up to par, she had to be called upon repeatedly before she would show up with what was requested by my mom. I thought if I or my friend had not been there to see to it that it was done, think of the unnecessary pain my mom endured for no reason. This same nurse had to be asked for ice to place on the fresh incision over and over. So, my point is, don't assume the ones you love will be taken care of just because they are in the hospital. Mistakes can and are made even during the best scenarios.

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