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my mom has been lightheaded & is now bordering on dizzy for over 3 yrs - starting 6 months after her triple bypass.

Posted by bj

 Now she is seeing snowballs when she closes her eyes that seem to come from her eyes & hit the ground - some breaking - also sometimes it looks like a gas is emitting from her eyes when she closes them. She's been to almost every type of dr. imaginable - MRI Cat scan you name it - any suggestions as to who to go to next? They have found nothing.
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I am not sure what you mean by gas "emitting" form  here eyes.  If this is something you and she can see - you really need to alert her personal physician about this.

Dizziness can come from a number of things including stress, anxiety and/or medical issues.   If your mom has not yet seen a mental health professional, that might be a next step.

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