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My grandmother (88 y.o.) told me she feels frustrated by her memory loss

Posted by twisterme7

She has difficulty writing, her name and remembering how to spell.  She  told me she also has difficutly reading. Some days are better than others.  When we are talking she will have trouble articulating.  She take on medication for high blood pressure and a multi-vitamin, calcium, and Brain Elevate, and DMAE.  She is stubborn and will not see a doctor.  Is this a form of Dementia?Are there brain exercises and/or supplements that would help?



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Perhaps you could go along when she visits her doctor for a different issue such as her blood pressure, etc. Then you could take the doctor or nurse aside and mention her memory problems.

 Sometimes they are embarrassed by their lacking memory. I know my mom was embarrassed to tell anyone. But, yes, I did notice some of the same symptoms with my Mom who had Alzheimer's as with your grandmother; not able to follow the story while reading, unable to find the right words when speaking or writing. 

I have some of the signs and symptoms of Alzheimer's listed here at my website. And a few mini-tests available that you might do with your grandmother.

But, she really needs to see her personal physician to be certain that there isn't some other problem with her health. After assurance that she is in good health, her own physician could give some simple tests to see if she has issues with dementia or Alzheimer's.



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