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my front upper legs have started aching..what could this be?

Posted by J9

I know what it feels like to have restless legs, since I have them and I am on meds for them.  But just the last couple of days my upper front legs have been really aching.  This is so bothersome that I cannot sleep.  What could it possibly be?  I am 57 and do not have variclose veins.
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Are you exercising more? Or less?  Maybe a change in that would help [either more or less depending on what you are now doing.]

How long have you taken the meds? Ask your medical provider if this is a side effect...You say meds [plural] so you might want to make sure about any interactions and/or side effects of the combination.

And you might try a glass of warm milk before going to bed - that's the “ancient” suggested helper...

Lastly - is there something bothering you emotionally?  Our bodies have funny ways of telling us that we have stress/problems.

Hope this helps.


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