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My father had a small stroke and pacemaker at 85 year old father and pneumothorex all in one week is he in jeapoardy.

Posted by izabeth

He went into the Hospital vometing and they said he had a small stroke then they put in a pace maker and sent him home 5 days later... not realizing that he had a small pneumothorex....he was rushed to ER several hours after going home.  I don't know what to think.  How could they scoot him out of the hospital when he was in the midst of a Pneumothorex.  He is lying there with his healing stroke...a new pacemaker...and now a Pneumothorex that seems to be healing.   Can an 85 year old man withstand all this at once...he will be sent home again soon to a brother who suffers from depression...and is not much help..and a wife with Alsheimers...I don't live there nor can I.   I got up in the middle of the night to write this because I feel my father is doomed.  He would not go into a care home...and he lets my mother sit in bed not getting help because she does not want it.  Surely there is an answer to this horrible situation...but they refuse my suggestions or help.  I come from a family of 7 brothers one killed himself this year...that leaves me the oldest and 6 younger brother siblings...all have turned away except the 2 disabled brothers who are mentally ill and me because my parents refuse to get help.   It is like a nightmare...There is the Foundation for Seniors ...they are closed for the holidays...  Their world is crumbling...I live on unemployment ...Any answers and direction would be is piling up so fast...Worn down and losing focus.
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I'm sorry to hear about your troubles and that of your father and your family.  I'm not making excuses for the hospital or treating physician, but unless someone is short of breath, it often makes more sense to just monitor & observe someone with a pneumothorax rather than place a very invasive & painful chest tube.  How did it happen in the first place?  Pneumothoraces are a known complication of placing just about any central line, but more frequently from a subclavian and/or jugular approach.  Therefore, this might have occured during his pacemaker placement.  It's not uncommon to be hospitalized for one condition only to discover a raft of others.  In any case, someone can be discharged from the hospital with a small but clinically asymptomatic and stable pneumothorax with the understanding that the patience must be brought back immediately for any shortness of breath.  


As far as your mom goes w/her Alzheimer's disease, check into your local Alzheimer's Association and determine which local physicians do housecalls.  I hate to overtly & obnoxiously self-advertise but I've written several posts recently on how to obtain care if you're un(der)employed.  Just search & read my blog.   Same applies for your disabled brothers.  Hang in there!  And good luck!

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