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mountain breeze was blowing every supra skytop uk corner infiltrated the language

Posted Jan 17 2013 7:29am
Candidates closely linked to the content of the material, summarized love first 'save' and then 'Copy' last and most important --- 'paste', give it a try, you will be happy one day, or even a lifetime, "so The full text of the keynote clearly stand out. Shortly thereafter, the nike blazer low candidates light of its own experience, come to "love 'delete' is not happy, implicitly criticizing the bad behavior of the material disclosed who" recipients ":" a humiliating face just a flawed network, really a bit abomination. " Final appeal to the whole society to learn, with love, there is no 'delete', not just 'save', it needs to Cong Fei each individuals to 'copy' to 'paste' everyone 'paste' time love , the world will become a better human "pack full text, compact refining resounding.Tigers deep in the mountains, the fish Xiang shallow end, camel walking desert, geese platoon empty ... things in the world have their own their own piece of the mystery of life is to find their place in their own glory, blooming.

Identify the location, need to look at themselves and recognize the self, with a calm mind to listen to the call of self-worth. Rain or shine, busy watching flowers bloom before court; fate not, Man with the outer Yunjuanyunshu.If I am the mountains, it is necessary to stand in a kind of dignity, Yamahana splendid mountain breeze was blowing every supra skytop uk corner infiltrated the language of dreams, I value demonstrated in the sun; I water should flow into a species of majestic, let the boat voyage, fish joyous to trickle indomitable for each share to I value windward singing.Identify the location, and the need to believe in themselves and certainly self, with an unyielding heart to Qingqi stiffened ideal.Maybe we, "fluttering like, Jonathan Livingston Seagull", perhaps "boat passed away from this, Jianghai send the rest of his life," Maybe we go out back laughing, different people have different living law, but a "born There must be, how many of them bold and free and easy. The real hero is self believe, scarred star rises in the self-affirmation.
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