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Mom Against Multi-Tasking

Posted Mar 02 2012 2:09am
Saying you're a multi-tasking mom is redundant and all of us know it. We juggle almost everything from our substantial other to perform to kids to housework to our mother and father to our siblings (and everything in between). We puff up our chests and say, " guy can do what we do, too as we do it". And, that may be true.Have you ever done something like, even though putting on makeup, passing a juice cup to your toddler within the back seat, whilst talking in your cell phone? All of us have! We take pride in sporting the "Multi-tasking Woman" badge of honor. We do it and all our friends do it, too Christian Louboutin You You 85mm Strass shoes. It just goes along with the territory of becoming a lady 1st, along with a mom, 2nd.I've been a classic multi-tasker for so lengthy now that I often discover it difficult to just do a single thing at a time. When I'm performing 1 point, I uncover myself considering, "What else can I be undertaking right this moment to create myself far more effective?" Then, I quickly add a new activity to what I'm currently carrying out Christian Louboutin outlet?Even while I'm around the computer I make an effort to think of new screens to open so I can operate on a number of factors at one time. Windows? has created it incredibly simple to navigate among tasks for the detriment of many of us adults with self-diagnosed ADD. But, I digress.Does getting the ability to "focus" on several tasks make me more effective, far more efficient, far more in management of my daily life? In that moment, it feels like it. As a matter-of-fact, I typically discover myself feeling proud in the variety of overlapping items that I accomplish in a sitting. But beneath that, I feel like a frazzled numskull.Not too long ago, I've begun to truly reflect on what it indicates to become a multi-tasker and why we women wear that title so proudly Christian Louboutin New Simple Pump 120mm shoes. Certain, it's a fantastic thing that we are able to juggle a lot of issues at the same time. But, must we constantly reside within a state of juggling?A lot of of us handle many jobs almost all day on most days. And, to become honest, this bites! We've been fooled to assume this makes us much more in management. And, it does not. What it does make us is less in-tune together with the moment, a lot more forgetful (can anyone say "Hello" to mommy brain?), and fully stressed-out Christian Louboutin Simple Pump 70mm shoes. How can any of this be great for us?I don't know about you, but I'm rebelling against multitasking. I've decided to devote more undivided time for you to every single activity that I'm engaged in. For me that indicates, if I'm working, I'll work on a single process at a time. If, I'm spending time with all the kids, I won't be checking my email on my cell phone or reading a business book. If, I'm within the phone having a good friend, I won't be undertaking housework, too. And, if I'm spending time with my parents, I won't be taking calls, unless of course I truly feel it's an emergency. Also, while I'm generating modifications, I'd like to throw in that I'm going to stop over-scheduling and over-committing myself. Rather than saying to myself "just do it", I'm going to "just say no", when I need to Christian Louboutin New Declic 120mm shoes.Generating these straightforward alterations in my lifestyle will make me much less stressed, much more in the moment, and will be a remedy for mommy brain...let's hope 
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