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Moderate to severe subscapular pain

Posted by linhawk2

I have left sided subscapular pain, made worse with movement and on inspiration.
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Very often, this type of pain can be caused by certain repeptitive movements using that shoulder. For example, it can be caused by frequent upper extremity exercises or carrying heavy loads on that side of the body. Trigger points can thus develop causing generalized pain.  

This kind of pain can also come from the spine. If one or some vertebrae have been recently injured in some way, it can cause subscapular pain. I recently had similar pain after being adjusted by a chiropractor who was a little too rough with the adjustment.

I would need more information to pinpoint what is going on. But in the meantime, try to put ice or heat on the area and see if that helps. Also, I would rest that shoulder, meaning whatever you need to carry, try the other shoulder, and maybe refrain from resistance exercise on that side for a day or so. 

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