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Mirror Mirror when did get so old

Posted Nov 18 2011 3:23am

I had no problems turning 59. Then came 60 and now 61 with 62 knocking a my door. I don't like aging,but as my female doctor told me "you'll figure it out"

It is not so much the numbers but the things I can't do anymore. I loved to move furnature around, paint rooms, garden, I play with my standard white boxer (deaf) and my 4 cats, who by the way sleep in the bed with my husband and myself.

My mother always told me I think too much. Does anyone else do this? I got a BA in Sociology specifically gerontology. You would think I would know the pitfalls.

It is my health that brings me so many ailments to choose from. There's High Cholesterol, HRT, Alergies and asthma, depression, and most of all, I don't sleep like a babe anymore.

I am determined to reduce my chances of falling prey to the Colon cancer that killed my mother at age 67 and heart disease which plagued my falther until the end by means of infection control following bypass. 

I volunteered in nursing homes for two reasons, first, I was the youngest person there and second, the seniors have such wonderful and incredible stories they want people to know. "I existed, I raised a family, and I did so many things that no one wants to hear about"

This phrase is what keeps me trying new things. I want to use it all up before I go.  

My father told me when he turned 60 he realized he would never go all the things he wanted to do. He visited every state in the US except Maine and Vermont.

His words are my reminder to use it all up. Be as crazy as you want, learn as much as you can, love as much as you can.

Poverty comes in two forms. There is financial povertly and more importand is the poverty of not loving and have no one to love you back.

I have not blogged in while the last one was on grief and healing.

Mary Ellen Paulos 


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