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minutes of the game slowly,

Posted Jan 16 2013 7:34am
almost lost the ball. And appear some tired Juventus, only in mulberry line in goal and minutes, do the best. Gianluca vialli analysis, Juventus in the first twenty matches made 45 points, according to this averaging, the bianconeri have the last victory, should not be any big problem, air max 2011 womens but there is a factor, but let gianluca vialli feel worry, that is what the champions league to Juventus have how old influence. According to routine, the champions league can "remove" Juventus 4, 5 points, if such counted down, Juventus season integral, will be in 80 points up and down, its rival, may really have a chance.In contrast, for the performance of the Juventus, state television da m families, expressed more worry. He also emphasized, if not in the first half that quagliarella waste with the other goalkeeper one-on-one opportunities, cheap air max 2011 if mirko vucinic was not disorderly play beautiful work, maybe Juventus are three points can be obtained. But from the performance look, a draw is actually a more correct result. But Juventus shows the problem is, the rhythm of the game, players slowed up position, also is not so close the. Even is consistent with physical in lehi Mr Nano, pass on much more mistakes. Juventus to reach m section of the general impression is that the team's physical condition decline, and is an integral part of the problem. Of course, the m division also admitted with AC milan, after [micro bo] [micro bo] the dozen extended period of the Italian cup game, may affect the part of Juventus players play. In addition, asamoah went to the African cup of nations, Juventus left also appeared a lot of problems. Da m families feel, physical decline, and individual player's absence, caused the Juventus in deduce the whole football difficulty, air max 2012 and this team, real can one-on-one mirko vucinic was, in his condition is not good, conti will meet disaster. 2013 for Rome, it is not so optimistic. Last Sunday, zeman in catania once again encountered failure, Roman lost the 2013 all the two games. No captain francesco totti [micro bo] Rome, like an orphan as poor. Had sparked controversy, and zeman let daniele DE rossi on the bench decision. Now, all the roma fans want to know, DE rossi problem, what is wrong, and the players the club to sign a contract before the annual salary of 12 million euros, air max 2012 or zeman mind out of the question. State television said criticism, Rome in 2013, can be disastrous, this team, once again exposed all of it, all the faults, the problem is that everyone, from zeman to players, because the team performance, it is too bad, beyond imagination. In this, the Roman without francesco totti, we might, with Oswald and machi mourinho, and skin and the odd, DE rossi is placed on the sidelines, replace francesco totti, but has been before the club gremio definitely decided to go to Brazil's gini aspen. The sky television critics say, it's hard to imagine how Rome organization, operation. The field, the Roman lost nearly four rounds of 3 games, one of the two games, is against chievo [micro bo] and catania
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