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men's nike free run 2 and Russia identical or similar

Posted Apr 01 2013 7:54am


President Xi Jinping, China and Russia after the signing ceremony speech: "I would like to emphasize that the Sino-Russian energy cooperation is comprehensive, all-round, comprehensive economic cooperation between China and Russia, and a full range of both to consider and take care of each other's concerns and interests designed to achieve mutual benefit and win-win China   men's nike free run 2  and Russia identical or similar views on major international and regional issues, has a wide range of common interests, we decided to close both sides of coordination and cooperation in major international and regional affairs, and resolutely safeguard the Charter of the United Nations, the purpose principles and recognized norms of international relations, the maintenance of international fairness and justice, to promote world peace, stability and prosperity. "


And Japan should war break out, Russia will be energy weapons base: Diaoyu Islands in the day the two sides have no escape route, Japan announced the nationalization, Abe resigned not destroy the national character of the Japanese right-wing decided Japan and China pull pull wrist. Strategic terms, in the Asian north invaded Russia, Japan does not have the gall; invasion of Southeast Asia do not have any oil and water, can only lead to the accusation, the United States does not agree that only East invasion China, in recent years surveying and mapping things in China repeated, criminal intent is overflowing. Cause important relationship with our internal corruption, 30 years ago, that period of cultural reform period, the Japanese saw The Chinese youth fanaticism said: "At this time, the Sino-Japanese war, Japan were destroyed pronto." Gratifying that Xi Li since the ruling, the centripetal force of the people's cohesion is greatly enhanced, and fight the Japanese do not have to mobilize. Sino-Japanese war the East China Sea, South China Sea transport will be restricted Myanmar transportation line can not be hundred percent, Russia will be the base of our energy to maintain the blood of the Chinese economy, the Sino-Russian trade is also conducive to economic development.


The position of the  nike free run 3 canada   United States in the Asia-Pacific region will be shaken taken in their own interests and the U.S. despotic power the selectivity station team: Southeast Asian countries, China and Russia join forces will be somewhat restrained attitude action in Vietnam, and other countries also looked around. The issue of Myanmar, China can not only send diplomats good offices, the military should move round exchange with the Myanmar military, there is a consensus among the soldiers, not about the political situation in Myanmar, the barrel of a gun in the regime! The United States in the Asia-Pacific will be muted. The new U.S. Secretary of State Colin Berry will soon visit China, the United States is increasingly lacking emboldened.



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