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Posted by nico

My mother has developed a lump on her forehead,  just on the temple (slightly above). This lump like mass is hard, doesn't get pressed and is not painful at all. I think she's had it for a couple years or more, but now its become more visible. However, it is not big as such -  it has more less been the same and was noticeable before also, but now it appears more noticeaable. It is not big, I cannot even say it is the size of a grape, it is much smaller than that. Actually, Icannot even think of an object example, to which I could compare it to describe its size to you.  

What could this be ? Liek I said, its hard, doesn't move, it doesn't get pressed inside. Onl when I stretch her skin, it becomes invisible but when I leave, it appears. My mother has soft skin, not necessarily wrinkled but soft. She's 60 years old. Deosn't have any illness or health problems as such except for vedicated veins in the feet and an old back problem since after her third pregnancy which was 27 years ago, however, both these problems are under control and do not bother her except for once in a while, or even longer.

She says she doesn't feel any pain or uncomfort when I press on the lump and doesn't have any headaches - only normal heaadaches which happen to everyone from once in a while cold, too much moving around in sun, etc - nothing relating to the lump.

 Its only, this lump is starting to look a little ugly, and makes it uncomfortable to look at, and being a non-medical person that I am, it gives me the wrong thoughts and fears - such as, could it be a tumour ? Could it be a cyst ? Could it be something else ? You know, all the evil thoughts that come to mind when you don't know what it is ? Especially if its your mum, dad or another loved one, you do get concerned - so am I.

I request you to please share with me what you think this could be from your knowledge and medical experience about various cases.

I've seen people with lumps like these in different places, some really big and ugly (some of which clearly appear to be tumours_ but I cannot say for sure.

I have seen many people with lumps like my mum's, and asked them if they bothered them and most have said no -  they don't bother, neither do they cause pain or discomfort, except for their appearance. but I would like to know from you.

Please advise. I would appreciate any detailed understanding of such state you could give me or share with me - I shall be very very grateful.


Thanking You.


Nicky Donaldson.      



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I am not a physician and with the concerns you have I can only suggest you have your mother see her personal medical provider who knows her history and can best diagnose this.

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