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Louis Vuitton Outlet many years to hold more than 50%

Posted Dec 28 2012 3:43am
With the 2012 import the split tablets quota increase to 34, made films suffered unprecedented challenges facing the domestic film market structure adjustment. The domestic film market share of only about 40% of the first three quarters of this year, dropped in recent years over the same period a minimum. Experts believe that this year is made films market share whether to continue for Louis Vuitton Outlet many years to hold more than 50%, you need to rely on the Lunar New Year stalls domestic film force pulling in December. But now it seems, the force of the Lunar New Year stalls and can  position of the Chinese-made films. According to the data of the State Administration of Radio, Film and Television, the Hong Kong-produced gangster film "chills" released two weeks at the box office breaking one hundred million yuan; released the 7th Thai embarrassing "monolithic box office exceeded 400 million yuan, many insiders predict, hope the film close to the "Painted Skin 2" in the first half of the year hit 700 million yuan Louis Vuitton Online at the box office record. Feng Xiaogang's in the II "reached 3. 5 billion, " King's Feast "close to 80 million yuan, " My husband does not fly. "Two weeks at the box office total of 21. 1 million yuan, 1. 2 billion yuan or so together most. Ang Lee's "Youth camp fantasy drifting close to 600 million yuan, plus the impressive performance of many Hollywood movies, the $ 23 billion in the first half to pull down difficult to narrow the gap. The veteran filmmaker High Army that the annual Lunar New Year stalls at the box office the highest output period is generally on December 20 to the end of this time just in time for Christmas, Louis Vuitton Handbags New Year's Day, the audience consumer enthusiasm, whether it is watching a movie or watch the show, has formed a spending habits. Trend in previous years, by the end of peak viewing can produce more than 2. 5 billion yuan at the box office, but made films on the potential of the counter-attack, have to see this week the release of the three domestic large "Zodiac, " "The Flying Guillotine" and "big" collective force. But it is a pity that despite the Lunar New Year stalls film in mustering strength the row piece unreasonable has become innate Mishap. Alliance and theaters Manager Wu believes that "from the point of view of the group made films released in mid-November to the end of it is basically the subject matter of the heavy taste, relaxed and funny little comedy, " Thai embarrassing "Zodiac" this occasion of the film should be multi-row. "the movies market research expert Jiang Yong said: " in December this year, made films type is still relatively abundant, but the lack of romance, comedy, very strange, after all, is coming to the New Year, many The audience likes to see some fresh romantic comedy theme, which led to the the "Thai embarrassing" 'big bang at the box office'. " The producer Mr. Zhou said, the end of the blockbuster between the competition is too fierce, many domestic large get together in December schedule inevitably shunt box office, competing against difficult to box office miracle. "Do not know you have not noticed, " King's Feast "Flying Guillotine" are costume dramas, and are produced with a Film Corporation; Flying Guillotine "Shanghai" Andrew Lau Louis Vuitton director or the producer, Huang Xiaoming starring this competitive market phenomenon is not reasonable. "Mr. Zhou said, similar schedule arrangements contrary to the laws of the market, very unscientific, " Cinema can not digest, it is difficult to achieve a win-win situation.
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