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Longevity: a side-benefit of truly healthy life

Posted Oct 04 2012 2:20pm

AriSethCohen - 100 years old never looked so good
So what's the problem?

Trillions of pounds are spent every year by health organisations across the globe in an attempt to fight the various diseases of old age, but to depressingly little effect. Age-related diseases are difficult to tackle for one simple very obvious reason: they are aspects of the later stages of a degenerative process that goes on throughout life, namely, ageing.

As Aubrey de Grey, Chief Scientific Officer, SENS Foundation says, ageing is a plausible and massively cost-effective potential target for preventative geriatric medicines, yet almost nothing is spent in the quest for such medicines. Why is this?

He thinks that it is largely because of widespread fear of one likely side-effect of making them really work – a sharp increase in longevity – an increase that would have dramatic societal consequences. But he asks, "So What?" continuing, "today's miseries associated with being old and frail, far outweigh any problem that the defeat of ageing might herald. It is our clear and present moral obligation to strive our utmost to achieve the postponement, and ideally the defeat, of ageing as soon as possible".


Image  Ari Seth Cohen: 100 year old New Yorker does her exercises.
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