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leg and arm gone completely dead

Posted by Deloris T. Facebook

My mother is 84 except for the lost of her site she was in good health until a month ago her right leg and arm went dead she is not able to stand or even feed her self. we are still waiting to see a doctor to tell us what the problem is
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Any time someone's arm & leg go dead such that s/he is unable to stand or feed him/herself, I worry immediately about a stroke.  Not that I can do anything about the current stroke.  But I want to prevent the next (potentially even more devastating) one.  Therefore, it's imperative that a stroke victim be evaluated immediately (within 3 hours at most).  

Typically, this means in the emergency department of your local hospital.  Even better if she lives close to a stroke center.  The reason for going to the emergency department or stroke center is for coordination of care in an expedited fashion.  You want everything done yesterday.  You don't want to wait around for pre-authorization or other insurance issues.  S/he needs a complete evaluation to figure out what kind of stroke s/he had, why s/he had the stroke, and how to prevent another one.  

So don't wait to see a doctor.  A new onset stroke is one of those rare times I won't tell you to go to your family physician.  Instead, it's imperative that you go to the emergency department.  

However, in this instance, it would appear that your mom had her stroke a month or two ago.  So by this time, her evaluation is no longer emergent (sorry).  But that doesn't mean it's not necessary.  Just that it probably doesn't warrant a workup in the emergency department.  Given the time elapsed since her initial event, her family physician can order all the tests this time.  

But God forbid she has another such event, make sure she gets to an emergency department or stroke center immediately.  Good luck!

I'm not sure why her provider is not seeing her, but you might want to find a health provider who will see her sooner.



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