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Learn different Maternity clothes styles of occasions

Posted Oct 06 2012 10:16am

Maternity cloth is a professional term that appears only in recent years. It is because there are a variety of maternity clothes that makes modern mothers still pretty confident; it was because of maternity dresses for different occasions, which makes the mother-to-be can straight body panels, free access to a variety of social networking sites, play a variety of roles in the community. For fashion designers, what should comply with the principles of maternity clothes style design? In addition, what are skills to choose maternity clothes for pregnant women?

Welcoming a new baby is always a divine surprise. The joy of motherhood starts as the little infant begins growing in your womb. Initially it may put you in a little bit awkward situation, but as the days move, you will be enjoying the experience of your maternity. It is a gift of life.

While choosing the maternity clothes, you need to think more about the quality of the dress rather than the quantity. Here are some guidelines which you can follow while purchasing maternity clothes for you.

The fashion maternity dress on the structure design must change for women after pregnancy, pregnant women wear fits comfortable and ease of movement, does not affect the healthy development of the fetus. Result on modelling as wide H type or narrow width under/A type:

H- type has overall sense of the bump and the body is not clear; A- type spacious tilting at the end of a sense, using such models, allows the abdomen of a pregnant woman is not obvious. Bust increase, carried on the waist, the former may be slightly larger than the back part, skirt front end up cutting a larger, longer than the back part. Pants with elastic band, easily resized, frontal waist tape section warping.

Because of physiological and psychological change, maternal face is haggard, and has emotional instability, maternity dress in colors, you can choose a healthy, bright, soft pink, with background colour. Design to several different types of clothing for pregnant women as an example:

Casual wear: fashion casual maternity dress for pregnant women should stay at home and take to the streets shopping and walking. Designed mainly for comfort, styling basic type a, loose. Fabrics should use natural fabrics such as cotton, hemp, which have good breathability. Color tones of light blue, pink, light green, light and so on.

Maternity clothes are not always cheap. Depending on quality, fashion and shop, the price of maternity clothes varies. You will be purchasing the clothes for about nine to twelve months. You cannot use the winter’s dress in summer. Effectively you may be using one maternity cloth for about four months. After that you have to think where to use those clothes. So it is not always necessary that you should go for a costly belly growing dress. However, if you are in professions like show business, you have to go for costly clothes. Then, you should not compromise with the quality of the dresses. You have to make a balance between them.

The formal maternity dress: wear design focuses on the cover of a prominent belly. Models H-or A-small, slightly stiffening linen fabrics are available, thin class. Blue is the perfect tone, blue sense has shrunk, and can better background colour, pattern, dominated by small monochrome and the longes nite.

Dress: dress shape uses three types. Design emphasis should be away from the abdomen and shoulder and neck. Lace, embroidery, bead embroiders skills such as decoration, this will push up the line of sight, ignore a prominent belly. Color should not be too bright, avoid using the Flash fabric and high elastic fabric. On the accessories, you can choose fancy, glitter tiara, earrings, necklaces, and so on.

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