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“Fried Chicken” By Barry Bortz

Posted Dec 02 2008 6:28pm

        What is a Nursing Home? A group of people sharing space, each on a different journey. Some quietly focused on the comfort of a routine which makes each day strangely reassuring. A timeless process bringing them closer to peace. Others getting through each day with the goal of healing and going back home to their individual life and the hope of tomorrow. Both surrounded by others that I will call “partners”, family, friends and the caregivers who share in this journey. Each partner with their own focus and personal perceptions and many times different than the patients. Caregivers strive to serve making every effort to assist each patient challenged by the unknown events of the day. Families and friends unsure of their role and choosing between protector or participant. Helpless or unable to know what to do or just angry about the disruption of their routine. Routine plays such a role in everyone’s life and becomes so important in our attempts to comfort ourselves and those in pain. How do we balance the needs of so many? The driving forces surrounding each patient and their partners. We all feel the power of change whether it originates from outside or inside. Forces try to define, analyze and balance an equation that has a variable summation. In writing this short story about two patients, fictional but based on real experiences, I hope the reader will for a short time get a glimpse of real life in a Nursing Home and not the stereotypical view we see through the eyes of those with their own agenda. Although one might say that this short story is in itself “my own agenda”, it is with 35 plus years of being a caregiver in a Nursing Home that I submit this story with hopes of presenting a real story with an open agenda.

Nursing Home Story Continued - Click Here

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