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Last week I read an article about Guanfacine helping dementia in Monkeys and recently human tests have begun. My mother was diag

Posted by nickirj5

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You're talking about making a big leap of faith by assuming that what works in other lifeforms also works in humans.  Most of the time, this doesn't hold true such that many promising therapies never make it from the cellular level to the clinical level in humans.  In this particular situation, if you, your mom, and your family are all in agreement as to enrolling her in a clinical trial, then you can search the Internet for studies close to you (or the nearest dementia research center).  In this particular situation, I believe that is finishing up this month (August 2011).  However, even if your mom is accepted into a clinical trial, she typically only has a 50:50 chance of receiving the active therapy rather than the placebo sugar pill.  Hope this helps!  Good luck!
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