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Lakers owner jerry buss died 34 years of brilliant creates zijin empire

Posted Feb 21 2013 5:49am
Lakers owner jerry buss for cancer in Los Angeles has died at the age of 80 years old. Today's kobe Bryant still in for another championship and efforts. However, this once owned of brilliant I'm afraid I will be with his leave and dies. Nike Air Max TN He died of not only make NBA lost one of the most great team boss, more let him make a zijin empire facing the crisis of fall apart. The lakers general manager mitch kupchak all emphasize the trade deadline Howard will not be sent away. However, Bryant said recently, do not care about "warcraft" future, he only CARES about to win the game, rather than Howard in the future. On Saturday, Mr Howard said the lakers general manager mitch kupchak has told him, on Friday after the trade deadline, he still will stay with the lakers. But, for this topic, the lakers leaders did not show too much attention. "I don't know what they (management) intend to take any action. In the all-star game, "Bryant said." but in the present this kind of situation, it's not important. For us, it is important to us on Thursday against the celtics) game how, and how will behind." Just in the end of the all-star weekend, kobe Bryant and Howard in the basic no communication. But a year ago all-star weekend, kobe Bryant and Andrew bynum had a good street interaction. Howard himself really want to go or to stay, kobe Bryant didn't asked him. In fact, the lakers and the clippers in the city after the war defeat, Howard still grinning cheekily "flirt" female reporter, this let Bryant very discontent, he is very seriously criticized the Howard. And according to the ESPN experts said Smith, Howard also early to see kobe not pleasing to the eye, treat to Bryant play very happy. Although the relationship between kobe Bryant and Howard is not very good, but also not to the degree of broken down completely. But kobe Bryant is still not sure whether Howard is the right person for the team, especially the team will now concentrate to challenge the playoffs, kobe Bryant is implicitly Howard is the right choice? Nike Air Max 360 And it was revealed that the lakers, many questioned whether Howard has seriously game, whether "really want to win". At present, the lakers 25-29 negative, the distance from the position of the western name 8 and 3.5 games gap, if the lakers into the playoffs, I'm afraid they are not likely to have any round of home court advantage. Howard salary is $19.2 million this season, the lakers the team the second high, the end of the season, after his contract will expire. The outside world is of the opinion that Dwight Howard is also accept the Los Angeles lakers trade off yourself, and if it is to be traded to the right team, he will be very welcome. It is said that the nets, Dallas is Howard will agree to this summer with a team of.The final 13.5 seconds, Della two free throws krstajic to remember key free throws, then is sent out a career high and assists, and 16 points sum. In krstajic Della lead bottom, the sun finally to a 102-98 victory over the Portland trail blazers, the sun 4 losing streak ended with the Portland trail blazers, six consecutive games. Four specific score for (the sun before) : 36-23, 27-24, - 26, -. The sun: scola and points and 6 make, gerben Tate 12 points, DuDeLi 12 points, Johnson 14 points and eight rebounds. Nike Air Max 360 Mens The blazers: batu had 15 points, aldridge 23 points, and g's 25 points and 16 rebounds, the rudd 24 points and seven assists. In view of the krstajic Della, sun attack such as floating clouds and flowing water, smooth, scola continuous shot three ball, leading the sun hit 12-0 perfect start. Scola single section 5 of 5 shots off ten points, and krstajic Della also is very brave, not only single day send out 10 assists, and at the same time also hit the first quarter last remember 3-pointers, in two people under the leadership of the first quarter, at the end of the sun at 36-23 lead. Time section, when the Portland trail blazers to tie the game to 35 -, Johnson, a person to stand up with ten points to help the sun will once again lead swelled to 19 points. Although the radmanovic hit a record beautiful 3-pointers, but the end of the first half, the Portland trail blazers still with 47-63 behind the sun. In the second half, the blazers launch assault, a burst of disorderly war after points difference reduced to eight points. But in krstajic Della, led the sun controlled the game again rhythm, three ZhanBa, the sun to a 84-73 lead. Minor details, the sun come up with a wave of 6-1 small high tide, will take the lead to 16 points. Pause after come back, the Portland trail blazers played a wave of 22-10 offensive, the final 1 minute and second, the Portland trail blazers to tie the game to 96-100. Nike Air Max 360 Womens The sun appeared in 3 turnovers, final 20.5 seconds, scola six fouls, aldridge two free throws, the points difference reduced to 2 points. Critical moment, Della two free throws krstajic to remember key free throws, the vladimir and batu's shot all not if really, finally the sun to a 102-98 victory over the Portland trail blazers.
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