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Kobe Bryant meeting loudly reprimand angrily to Peter of warcraft: whether don't want to play with me

Posted Jan 28 2013 2:32am
In the lakers' loss in a predicament of time, players do need to talk about, and this time they did in conversation, but kobe Bryant and Dwight Howard two people in very loud quarrel. Nike Air Max 2011 Womens In the lakers before training today, the team opened a try to eliminate the worries of the meeting, but the original idea is to let the players a good communication meeting seems to have become the beginning of contradiction upgrade. During the meeting, kobe Bryant is call a spade a spade to ask whether Howard, "warcraft" simply don't want to play with him. "Everyone in the above finger-pointing." According to a meeting of the witnesses say. The meeting is coach mike - first. Anthony open head, he said he was tired of the media to see the players questioned his offense, or is desire more ball and so on the news. Obviously, this sentence is just is for kobe Bryant and Howard two people, because in the lakers' 83-95 loss to the bulls game after, Bryant said after the lakers' offense should slow down, and Howard are complaining he plays the whole game only 5 shots of the opportunity. Then. Anthony said, let the players to his attack down the heart, intently to better defense. Then began to let the players. Anthony one speech, Nash is the first, he said he didn't care what the lakers to play, whether screen and roll with fast, or it doesn't matter what, just hope that the players are in this system to some of the well. At the meeting and kobe Bryant also began to speak, he admitted that he in the "not so good fit", and ask whether this Howard because it without entanglements. Howard answer is vague, but he didn't like kobe Bryant with loud tone to speak. "He did not fight back to kobe Bryant." Nike Air Max 2009 The meeting of the witnesses said. The meeting specific lasted long time reporter don't know, but the lakers training today more than past for an hour, it seems that the meeting is still a little bit with the effect. Perhaps it is the meeting of the quarrel, Howard expressed his repentance of Italy, "warcraft" said he to himself for more shots things feel sorry. Obviously, the lakers have great influences on the early morning to him. "This thing up for me," Howard said, "on the pitch I need to do more things, and not for the various problems and worry, should not complain, as long as their best play out." In this conference,. Anthony also said he "could be on the offensive end on reduction", and reiterated that now he first priority will be the defense. "Now we must focus focus on track, the lakers' defense obviously still need to do better." . Anthony said. After the past after losing streak, again. Anthony with him very official set of word "new beginning", said in the last week's frustration after, now is the new starting point.The Los Angeles lakers bad state makes the team's future become hard to predict, about Dwight Howard, pau gasol trade rumors more and more. Local media and Miami the sun sentinel newspaper famous reporter IRA - Wendell mann said, according to one of his long-term reports the lakers news reporter friend, if not trade will of warcraft in July, so the lakers will leave its trading possibility is very large, and bosh in Howard! Such a blockbuster deal there could have been. Cheap Nike Air Max 2009 IRA - Wendell man is in the sun sentinel newspaper fans in agony disclosed the news, the fans asked the lakers face the complicated situation, the heat have any chance to get Howard? Is it possible to bosh exchange Howard? And Wendell mann said. "first of all, according to salary, bosh in Howard this transaction is feasible. On the other hand, spor Stella and pat riley has expressed desire to get a dominant center and will reuse." The lakers in the summer of 2012 through the tripartite trade Dwight Howard will be brought to Los Angeles, but in this summer of warcraft will sign to stay with the lakers and uncertain, recently he openly expressed dissatisfaction with the team tactics, and has been avoided the media about whether he continue to stay in the lakers' questions. Wendell mann said. "a long report the lakers friend told me, he thought that Howard will leave the lakers in July, because of this lake talent will continue to keep the pau gasol not to be traded. He would not rule out the lakers in the feb. 21 trade by Howard away before may." If the lakers choose transaction, the heat would break the balance of the team apart the original three giant will bosh send out have Howard? Wendell man think this possibility is there. Although the Miami heat won last season, but this season inside the weak question completely unmasked, bosh in low defensive ability really worrying; For the lakers, mobile ability outstanding and outside shot like the bosh obviously more suitable for. Anthony tactics system. Cheap Nike Air Max 90"The heat will willing to take that risk? Off bosh means to break the title last season team chemistry. Maybe spor Stella friend Stan van gundy will give the heat very good advice, I am unable to provide accurate answers, I'm not sure whether both sides will be willing to trade." Wendell mann said. "but I think the deal for both teams is beneficial, maybe in the final deadline will be crazy things happen."
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