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kobe Bryant and let us see his little

Posted Dec 26 2012 1:31am
jumpers, etc. Is today's race, kobe Bryant and let us see his little day hook, in today's competition, he has show two small day hook. Cheap Air Jordan 2012 A quarter to two points 31 seconds, Bryant outside from the left holding breakthrough, Howard for kobe Bryant to cover, this let Bryant easily get rid of him on the defensive end, see to the inside, jump, and after the ball, the ball firmly a hook into the basket, even American journalist said, Bryant the ball a little bit like magic when used small day hook (baby hook). "I like kobe Bryant's reason, he is an old players (old school), he can always keeps asking for his progress, his baby hook too jing is colourful."American journalist in pushing on, wrote. In addition, this is kobe Bryant continuous game 6 against and + minutes, continuous and field cut down 30 +, 34 years old still Peter is worth all people respect. Kobe Bryant tonight bloom a jing Blake Griffin Shoes 2012 is colourful, and soon a reporter disclosure, this probably because kobe Bryant close to retirement, so he wants to in front of our home fans leave a good impression. "He told me, after the match, his career is likely to remain next time back to Philadelphia challenge 76 chance." And at the end of the game when someone asked if he will continue to play the end of next season, Bryant's answer is: it is a great work of the task. ”Be worth what carry is, from the start of the season, Bryant said he probably many times in 2013-14 after the end of the season announced his retirement. Especially in dandong, the lakers took office, into the mire, Bryant uncommonly down up, in an interview with ESPN, Bryant said he of course very eager to win, but if not the sixth Cheap Lebron X crown, also do not have what to play, this let the outside world first saw the competitive of the other side of the kobe Bryant, the lakers and now many, all kinds of confusion has let Bryant depression thoroughly. In the offseason, kobe Bryant still had considered will play to forty years old, but now it seems that kobe Bryant really changed his mind. Philadelphia 76 ers at 98-111 loss to the Los Angeles lakers, Nick Yang for 41 minutes, 23 for 13, the three-pointer 12 for 6 scored 30 points and four rebounds, in their idols, draft template, wearing shoes before Bryant Nick - Yang played the best performance of the season, two years ago in Washington in the face of the lakers, he once had 30 points, the game is also in the three point line hit the ball, and attack a Cheap Lebron 10 Shoes fire outside, it seems that over the past few seasons, media to Nick Yang take the "small Bryant" nickname really didn't call the wrong. The 2010-2011 season, that is Nick Yang best one year, he averaged 14.6 times 6.4 shots hit the ball, get 17.4 points, once occupied the wizards starting position, on January 11, 2011 in the first world war and the king team, Nick Yang 14 of 22 shots off (43 points really made a name for himself, and after that he was called a "small kobe," a lot of fans all say: "see now of Nick young, like to see the young when kobe Bryant."Yes, good ability to score at any time, any place all dare move big heart, of course, NBA scout will Nick Yang draft template for kobe Bryant, it's not without reason of screw. Such as today, drew - horner di absence make 76 people team back into chaos, in the present 76 squad, horner dean that outside no one can play pg, so they sent Nick Yang and Thai thaddeus young backcourt partner, will organize tasks given to Turner.But now the look forward, our record is and 11-5 record, no matter how, we now home 10-0 negative, there is no need to say too much." Take LinShuHao become the knicks main point guard of the Raymond felton - said. In the knicks refuse to match a three-year,
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