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Kendra Cooper Elder Advocate on Today!!

Posted Aug 28 2012 1:37pm
Kendra Cooper is an attorney and elder advocate who became a lawyer after nearly 30 years of teaching English as a second language. Following the death of her 92 year old father in 2001, the result of a urinary tract infection in which his delirium was misdiagnosed as dementia and treated with anti-psychotics, she went to law school, hoping to put the circumstances of his death behind her and practice education and criminal law. However, as a result of experiences with her own family, friends and clients, she has found herself working more and more as an elder advocate, trying to fill the gaps she sees in the protections of elders. She currently is working with Massachusetts legislators and Dr. Rachel Geller, who successfully promoted Sally's Law in 2010, to address current policies and practices that contribute to undue influence of elders, isolation, financial exploitation and "granny snatching," the removal of elders out-of-state to gain control of their person and assets. Through the Q&A series on Reading Community Television (RCTV), she has produced local cable access programs on elder rights and criminal topics, programs available on YouTube through and under the News section of her website
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