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jordan shoes Integrity: The Only Thing That Really Matters?in Business as in Life

Posted Mar 23 2013 7:36am

Integrity must be so integral (note the shared root word) to the nature of the company that it remains steadfast no matter what lebron 10. Employees are more committed toand satisfied witha company that has high integrity.

Your customers will notice. And they will be attracted to it lebron 9.Relationships:Establish relationshipswithin your company, and with your clients.

Treat all others with respect. Build excellent rapport lebron 10. Accept responsibility for your actions and attitudes.

The new concept of relationship marketing is founded on integrity jordan shoes. Its pretty simple.

People want to do business with companies they can trust. Do everything possible to gain trustand to regain it when something goes wrong.Communication:Your goal is to reach your market with your unique message.But your message gets lost or distorted if you dont communicate it clearly. Make sure all your communication materials are clear, precise, professionaland consistent with your principles. This means print materials, such as brochures and letters, and electronic onesweb content and e-mail.Do you do speechesradio spotsaudiovisual presentations All of these begin with a good scriptand end with your message being delivered well. Results: Recent research performed by the Institute of Business Ethics found that companies showing a clear commitment to ethical conduct almost always outperform companies that dont. Integrity pays off financially through a strong and loyal customer base. Need proof Surveys indicate that a majority of consumers will: Avoid buying from companies guilty of any misconduct; Pay more for a producteven switch brands or retailersto support a cause they care about; Be more likely buy from a company that has the best reputation for social responsibility.The bottom line:Ethical companies are also profitable ones.
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