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Joe tuan fifty love kobe Bryant more than fifty years old years love emperor in 80 million

Posted Feb 23 2013 3:08am
Not long ago, the bobcats rookie Michael kidd · Kiel cristal has said, in a pair of a fully not Jordan opponent. According to the Chicago BBS newspaper reports, just spend fifty years old birthday the basketball gods Michael Jordan also said in an interview, you still have the ability to return to basketball court, but he also denied the possibility of return. Nike Air Max 2013"I always believe you still have the ability to get back on the court, but I have a long time did not play, time, age, weight have changed, I should not be in this age is back. Jordan said. Jordan trainers gloval think, if the "air" in fifty years old - A back, still can averaging twenty points. "He is the twenty points, yes." Gloval said. "he can play 82 games? I'm afraid people forget, he did not big injury. No one can withstand the power of time, but now the technology can delay senility. James and kobe Bryant in two people who better, Jordan also have the answer. "Five rings can beat a championship ring." Jordan said, "I'm not saying James future won't get five ring, maybe he can get more, but now the situation is greater than 1 pieces of 5 pieces." Kobe Bryant obviously agrees with Jordan said: "in my growth process, the title is the standard of value evaluation players. This has nothing to do with the MVP and score, if this year without a title, it is a failure." James - B is quick to "flyers" comments to return: "you can't always use the number of ring definition player career. Nike Air Max 2012 In that case, can I will bill Russell row in front of the Jordan, because Russell 11 championship rings, and Jordan only 6 pieces." James said, "I am understand, wait until you retire later, people will increasingly appreciate you...... I know this kind of psychology, I don't want to compare yourself to Michael Jackson, but Jackson is on leave until more and more be respected." Jordan also talked about his the vehemence of the hall of fame speech, he said he was not regretted to tell of the competition is the core of the series of speech: "I just explaining to people of his competitive nature, some people will say that is the worst speech? I just tell the oneself want to say, does not change the idea." Had good partner scottie pippen, Jordan also filled with miss: "not only is I encourage scottie pippen, he also help me progress, he and I like a brother, this is a kind of good relations of cooperation. Before the knicks coach Jeff van gundy said Jordan is a liar, because Jordan on and off the pitch and other players different relationship, Jordan doesn't agree with this statement: "when I heard this, I feel I'm being misunderstood, very angry. Nike Air Max 2011 I and Patrick (ewing) and (Charles) Charles Oakley are good friends, so such words made me feel wrong." Asked about which title to their most important, Jordan said: "if I have six children, this is like ask me which is my favorite. If you must choose words, I choose the fourth. Jordan's fourth crown is obtained in 1996, he was on leave basketball court 15 months later return to the bull, and opened another three successive championships dynasty.Dwight Howard said, Jordan is the real "superman", "like Jordan" is not only a message, but today many players dream: "a hear advertisements appear Jordan's voice, let people want to do something." Carmelo Anthony is revealed, Jordan is influence he decided to play basketball one of the most important reasons. He said: "Jordan changed the movement, make the sport to sublimation. In his spiritual change the movement of the guide way."In 2012, Jordan from Nike, gatorade, constant optimum, 2 k Sports and partners place earn about $80 million. Now, Jordan have assets include six restaurant in north Carolina, a north Carolina car distribution company, a motorcycle teams and charlotte bobcats 80% stake, etc. At present, Jordan's net assets totaled us $650 million, mainly from endorsement income and the bulls to pay the $90 million salary. At the same time, through the charlotte bobcats 80% stake, Jordan's net assets have further improve potential. Former pistons guard, hall of fame star isiah Thomas: James is the best. Nike Air Max 2013"In my time, we have never seen a player like Michael Jordan, he jump taller than the rest, speed are quicker than the others, he is the best player. Thomas said, "but James is the best player, and he may be even better than Michael Jordan. He higher, faster, stronger." If two people face to face the team competition, who will win? Thomas think depends; He also said that the success of the Jordan rely on to coach phil Jackson. "Magic" Johnson is Jordan supporters: "if Jordan and James 10 times 1 on 1, that Jordan ten times will win, he is the best in the history of 1 on 1 player."
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