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is there a method of determining what is causing a blockage in the small arteries/veins/capillaries of the index finger?

Posted by TammyW

My 78 yr. old father is experiencing mottled looking purplish tinting to his finger, and whitish directly above. He has a history of heart disease and has had many procedures. His G.P. suggested a surgeon to diagnose. The surgeon thinks its tiny clots blocking the blood flow. While they are doing tests to determine if any other clots may be a consideration (ct angioplasty has been performed already) I am concerned about relieving the blockage itself. Is there a way to determine what this is being caused by? It could be a gas bubble, air bubble, bacterial clot, etc... A test, a scan, perhaps an ultrasound type of thing to show what is happening in there? I would like to see some relief for his finger. Also, what type of Dr. would be able to help us? I have talked to a vascular surgeon, who has said he cannot help, a plastic surgeon who specializes in hand surgery, no help. Any help would be appreciated.
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