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Is It Age? Or Is It Me?

Posted Apr 07 2013 7:28am

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I seemed to have had a harder time adapting to the time change this Spring and gave it some thought.

time changes


I know, as I have aged, I am learning to accept that my body reacts differently to various phenomenon. 

For example if I do a lot of heavy work like lifting, hauling heavy stuff around, gardening etc. I need extra time to feel like I’m back to normal.

And, as I wrote, I do tend to hibernate in the winter and I think this has to do with light/dark [as opposed to my being a bear.]


In the Portland winter, it is dark until nearly 8 AM. I don’t think I’ve ever lived in a place where it is so dark so late in the morning that I am waking up when it’s still very dark out. 

This phenomenon can be adapted to.  We go from summer to fall – gradually losing a minute or two of morning daylight and we adapt. After a while, I am waking up in total darkness and that’s ok.

But then we suddenly shift the clock and this year I had a more difficult time adapting to the time change and I wonder if it’s age-related.

It took me almost 2 weeks to get back into the swing of getting up in the dark.

For me, the time changes are not a matter of gaining or losing an hour of sleep because I personally sleep the same amount of time. 

I figured it is the sudden shift of the light/dark cycle that gets me… 

We humans like to adapt to changes but it seems it is easier to adapt over some period of time than it is to adapt so suddenly.


 You? Comments? Thoughts?

Thank you



The post Is It Age? Or Is It Me? appeared first on grow older better .

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