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Into the cheap louis vuitton handbags receiver

Posted Jun 05 2012 2:11am
    pen. "Thank you, sir, for your help. When, exactly, did
     you  chanel handbags outlet  have a fight with Pumpkin?" "Long time ago." "How old were you?" A shrug, one in response to a stupid question. Clay
     knew from experience that his clients had no concept of time. They got robbed yesterday or they got arrested last month, but probe beyond thirty days and all history melted together. Street life was a struggle to survive today, with no time to reminisce and nothing in the past to  chanel bags outlet  get nostalgic over. There was no future so that point of reference was likewise unknown.
     "Kids," Tequila said, sticking with the one-word
     answer, probably a habit with or without broken jaws. "How old were you?" "Maybe twelve." "Were you in school?" "Playing basketball." "Was it a nasty fight, cuts and broken bones and
     such?" "No. Big dudes broke it up."
     Clay laid the receiver down for a moment and summarized his defense. Ladies and gentlemen  cheap louis vuitton bags  of the jury, my client shot Mr. Pumphrey (who was unarmed) five or six times at point-blank range in a dirty alley with a stolen gun for two reasons; first, he recognized him, and second, they had a playground shoving match about eight years ago. May not sound like much, ladies and gentlemen, but all of us know that in Washington, D.C., those two reasons are as good as any.
     Into the  cheap louis vuitton handbags  receiver again, he asked, "Did you see Pumpkin often?"
     "When was the last time you saw him before he got shot?"
     A shrug. Back to the time problem.
     "Did you see him once a week?"
     "Once a month?"
     "Twice a year?"
     "When you saw him two days ago, did you argue with him? Help me here, Tequila, I'm working too hard for details."
     "We didn't argue."
     "Why did you go into the alley?"
     Tequila laid down the receiver and began  louis vuitton outlet  moving his head back I and forth, very slowly, to work out some kinks. He was obviously in pain. The handcuffs appeared to be cutting into his skin. When he picked up the receiver again he said, "I'll tell you the truth. I had a gun, and I wanted to shoot somebody. Anybody, it didn't matter. I left the Camp and just started walking, going nowhere, looking for somebody to shoot.  louis vuitton outlet  I almost got a Korean dude outside his store, but there were too many people around. I saw Pumpkin. I knew him. We talked for a minute. I said I had some rock if he wanted a hit. We went to the alley. I shot the boy. I don't know why. I just wanted to kill somebody."
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