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Interested in teaming up with anyone who suffers from a chronic cough with build up of mucus in throat

Posted by Tzedr8

My wife is age 72 and has a history of COPD for the past 23 years with a dependence on oxygen. Six months ago, she was diagnosed with a Urinary Tract Infection and was unable to exersize muscle control of her legs and arms. After six months, she was finally diagnosed by a neurologist as having Peripheral Neuropathy. Meanwhile, she developed a chronic cough caused by a build up of mucus and saliva in her throat. The diagnosis was aspiration and the treatment was feeding through a G tube, suction and injections of Scopolomine, none of which are producing a cure. I would appreciate hearing from other sufferers of this condition to create a productive dialogue. I am convinced that medical science has no answer for this condition and that the cure is based on time and excersize to regain strength and muscle control, including the ability to swallow and cough up the unwanted mucus and saliva. I welcome a dialogue with other sufferers with similar conditions
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