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Inflation says the universe swelled tremendously

Posted Mar 22 2013 1:43am
But the bigger picture was how Planck fit the Mulberry Bags inflation theory, which physicists came up with more than 30 years ago. Inflation tries to explain some nagging problems left over from the Big Bang. Other space probes have shown that the geometry of the universe is predominantly flat, but the Big Bang said it should curve with time. Another problem was that opposite ends of space are so far apart that they could never have been near each other under the normal Abercrombie Italia laws of physics, but early cosmic microwave background measurements show they must have been in contact. Inflation says the universe swelled tremendously, going "from subatomic size to something as large as the observable universe in a fraction of a second," Greene said. Planck shows that inflation is proving to be the best explanation for what happened just after the Big Bang, but that doesn't mean it is the right theory or that it even comes close to resolving Abercrombie Londres all the outstanding .
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