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In XiaoGong family on the wall of the sitting room

Posted Jan 07 2013 4:10am
XiaoGong started cooking dinner, didn't take over the kitchen knife XiaoGong several times by the sword cut, when   nike zoom kd 4 shoes sale cooking, also often the boiling oil splashed. XiaoGong

didn't cry, affix bandage or rubbing his ironed by oil, continue to cut vegetables, cooking.

To know the family status, last fall, nanning taoyuan lu the headmaster of the school receive XiaoGong to school read the seventh grade, and relief for her most of the

tuition fees. Lu President and his wife often sent to XiaoGong some food, to give her more nutrition.

"Since her mother left, because there is no income, bring me all the money to heal, this more than two years, XiaoGong didn't buy a new dress." Yao's father about this

matter, eyes can't help.

A few days ago, taoyuan school and love enterprise nanning beautiful brocade clothing limited company, jing jin company to XiaoGong, taoyuan school 60 poor students

each send a set of winter uniforms. In yao's dad was in hospital, taoyuan school the school more than 800 teachers and students to yao's father donated 4600 yuan, the

yao home emergencies. Since last November, yao's father also apply to low gold, are now long Gang community residents' committees also says if there is a temporary

relief funds or items will give priority to yao.

Now yao dad every two days to go to the hospital for hemodialysis once, every cost to hundreds of yuan, most of the medical coverage, at present each month of 1000 yuan

increase in medical expenses by relatives. In 2013, the medical insurance gold, yao's father to pay 2000   nike air foamposite pro sale
yuan or so, but I still have not. Was suffering from high blood

pressure of yao's dad was going to give or take an injection every day to protect the heart, but because can't take the money, had to give up an injection.

In the future, it is cruel for the YaoXiaoGong only 13 years old. Is likely to half a year, go daddy. "Dad walk not to move, I'll carry him in hospital for

hemodialysis." XiaoGong said firmly.

Move heaven and earth she wants to change his kidney to dad

"I want to look at my daughter grow up, I die to myself, this is also supported the faith with which I live." Yao's father said he's feel secure or his baby daughter.

Opens the XiaoGong's diary, October 8, 2012 in the diary have so a words: "today my father and hemodialysis, go back to home directly lay on the bed, even talk to me

there is no strength. See him so pain I really want to cry, but I can't, I wish I can give my kidney change to dad, so he wouldn't have to so pain."

In XiaoGong family on the wall of the sitting room, XiaoGong wrote on the wall "happy every day" this sentence, also drew a big smiling face over the word. XiaoGong

said it is in order to encourage dad and his brave to face the difficulties in life.

The end of the interview, the reporter must leave, laptop computers play in the "Chinese dream show", this is from dalian, liaoning province sports bike rally champion

ZouQingDong very filial piety, want to mortgage 8 gold MEDALS to mother suffering from uremia. Fortunately, love and compassion hospital to provide funds and

technologies, to help ZouQingDong    cheap nike penny hardaway mother kidney transplant surgery. See this, XiaoGong tears, she also dreams can, through their own efforts can give dad in kidney, can

let the father better.
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