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In those years, beat together my teacher!

Posted Apr 19 2012 8:25am

The princess 'grave "after publication, the media some reports, insiders also take some evaluation, got a little hollow reputation, complacency days, also vanished. Several days ago, one of my high school teacher to me to book subject, was moved, because the teacher had seriously guiding my composition.
From primary school to college, taught me the teacher about one hundred people, there are two kinds of the teacher let me remember profoundly. One kind is guiding me writing, another kind is the beat me. For those who encouraged me writing teacher has been's grateful, for those who beat my teacher, is also grateful, they don't give my young heart caused any trauma, but to today's I left the many memories of fun, in the slightly table 12, together with the years of hitting those.

The earliest beaten memory about in the third grade. The school is to head east village of adobe several rooms, the teacher the Windows of the office didn't glass, are the paste paper, by the wind rotten, the teacher is from our workbooks torn paper paste. The window outside a wire pole. During recess really have entertainment project, we will hit competition power poles. Draw a line in the ground, conveniently jian stone, stand up straight, take aim, throw out, see who can hit the pole. Because development is late, and arm strength is limited, I picked that only the lighter pieces cast, the result flake in the sky row a beautiful curve, through the Windows of the teacher that paper paste, authentic measurement-based rendition to hit the teacher's forehead, all the students like earth line down the instant disappeared, I stood alone on the playground and a pair of Numbers like. The name is wang math teacher came out hits, a fly legs, I answer to fall on the ground. The teacher is not solution spirit, and caught me by the collar, like a small mention as egg-shells lifted me, hair force outside push, once again, to fall on the ground. What did the teacher say I've forgotten, but the teacher beat of my action I vaguely remember. Beat out, the bell also rang. I climb up the earth upon clap, fart dian fart to go back to the classroom good good study, day day up to.

I hit most of the record is written in elementary school, the teachers of various kung fu, no system, difficult points affiliation. The female teacher by hand chuo I temporal-into gold, male teacher my ears-the apparent12 rotate 360 degrees, these ZhuaErNaoSai all the moves the forgotten, one of the most memorable is the name of all Chinese teacher's no shadow legs.

In fifth grade, I showed a lot of movement warmly, lively and active, especially like ball games. Frustrating practices is once a week of physical education, the content is in the playground run laps, or a grenade, that kind of wood grenades, I don't know why there are such movement, estimates that only our school has the world the sport. Throw go out and pick up back, round and round, no fun.

The school has a fade baba basketball, and hide in the Chinese teacher's bed, only the teachers can play. We eat a meal lunch all standing at the gate of the classroom, the teacher of the bed that only basketball assault. All want to play, and no one dare to take, most people will say so: want to take you to take, anyway I play not to play doesn't matter. Want to come now is really interesting, people seemed to 36 plan--to pin down. Most people can live by test, only I resist, a pair of righteously attitude towards the teacher's bedroom, after death is the classmates very admire eyes. They were standing in the thing north and south to the four directions I stand, I opened the door of the teacher, climbed up to the bed, arms in the basketball than holding the father are all happy. Suddenly I heard someone shout out: the teacher back! I was almost urine trousers, is hiding under the bed, or on the teacher come back before holding the basketball escape? Hesitant, but the teacher's no shadow has kicked in the leg my ass, I bumped into the wall. Suffer pain and humiliation, added indignity to climb out from under the bed ran, the teacher stood in the doorway loudly reprimand angrily: this help the little hare, will know that play!

Learn from junior high school, during countless, most do not and learning, the only time for learning a beating, or the geography teacher from a last-ditch intervention into's grievance, this time I blame very memory. Geography class, the teacher after sending a homework began to work with our head turn textbooks whipping. A very simple fills up the topic 80% of the students are wrong, the teacher very angry. The consequences will be severe. The problem is about: Asia and North America is the boundary. We wrote the bering strait. The teacher think should be BaiLing strait. Beat a perfect man, teacher YuNu not away, still talking to charges. I'm weak weak to stand up and take textbooks for teacher say: teacher, you see, the book was written to white, not BaiLing. The teacher run to come over to take my textbooks watched it again by red face turned white, and then took his textbooks saw several minutes, Labour. Good teacher faced up to their own goal, I of the geography teacher is so. He apologized, saying that his wrong. It is a pity we get beat still don't come back.

High school time, wrote a review, dragged make stand as punishment, but has not beaten. Because my body and self-esteem has been expanding, with the teacher and against psychological and physical conditions. The teacher if dare I like girls beat me before, I'm sure I will not hesitate to strike back. I a relationship especially good brother, at wanzi xi play hit gold flower, the teacher in charge take him out to a boxing, this elder brothers jump up and gave the teacher a box on the ear, then went straight home, and has had to find a site in the work. We all special, and fear, and we know that his teacher in charge will surely go to tell the principal, then, he was without controversy to fire. Not we expected the next day, teacher in charge that we notice that elder brothers, hurry back in class, the teacher didn't report to the principal. Now, we often talk about the the teacher, is guilty with respect.

Side peers did most of the parent, often exchange of education problem child. Where the school graduation rates high? Where the teacher force strong? In fact, the growth of my own experience, in the life most important teacher or parent. Most teachers only to me some knowledge, is a person of truth, the ability of the work is mostly my illiterate mother to me. I'm grateful to my every teacher, but the objective that in the vast rural areas, most engaged in the foundation education teacher, in the knowledge reserves, humanistic training are very limited, how much to the children can a little knowledge, leaving a good childhood memory has enough.

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