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In terms on the designer

Posted Mar 18 2013 5:08am
New players, even if his friends into the game only a desolate map streaking, or hanging in a copy from the full level, the understanding in the so produced players of the game can be imagined.
Followed by large-scale copy from the fault-tolerant rate low, the previous copy of your 40 people inside the mixed 1-3 white are not particularly evident, because the master will have a very extreme errors (40 BOSS strength is certainly stronger than 25 people) now 25, a copy of your 10 people, the event of a novice, whether the data errors will be magnified particularly evident in a large number of novice basically exclude a large copy of the outside.
Third, property of equipment expansion
In terms on the designer, equipment, property expansion is the most troublesome problems. For example, at 60, the players equipment attribute level access to Blackwing Lair is probably Buy Runescape Gold about 70, now 85, when players can obtain the equipment level of your property probably in the range of 400-500 level is 5-6 instances the player's level, which triggered a chain reaction.
"Panda fans really just a transitional relationship for the entire continent of Azeroth in the historical process does not have a dime, believe me, if done bad to tsunami put Panda history to Fight, Blizzard did out.
The next piece of information 6.0  is the Planet of Warcraft key to turn around, if not release a specific message in the first half of next year, World of Warcraft is not far from the tail of operations.
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