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Images of Life: Then and Now

Posted Jul 18 2013 8:30am

From a series titled Reflections by award-winning photographer, Tom Hussey:


It immediately brings a smile to my face - the man recalling his younger self in a moment of pride. It's been many years since then and now he seems pleased with the journey and comfortable in his old age.

Here's another of an old woman, obviously with some amount of debility now, contemplating her youthful self:


I had seen these (and their companion images) some time ago and I would have thought I'd shown them to you in Interesting Stuff on a Saturday. If I did, I can't find them and yesterday TGB reader Margie sent me a link to the series with this note that she has graciously allowed me to publish:

”My daughter sent me this today. Am I overreacting if I find it patronizing and offensive?”

I tried, but I can't see these Photoshopped images in that light. I think they are beautiful and in addition, are similar to my blog banner above expressing "time goes by" and here's what it looks like.

After I emailed Margie with that thought, she wrote back:

”I think my problem is that the posers seem (to me) to be valued only for who they were, and not for who they are now. I agree, though, that the concept is appealing and of course please do quote me; I'd like to see what other readers think.”

So let's do that. First, the website of photographer and Photoshopper Tom Hussey tells us this:

”Sometimes we need photography to create a complex interplay between reality and illusion.”

Well, I suppose to go along with that you need to believe that one's youthful self is now an illusion. Or would that be vice versa? Here is another image of an old, now pot-bellied man confronting his firefighter past:


You can see larger sizes of these images and the rest of the series of 10 beginning here .

Go visit and then come back and tell us how you interpret the photographs.

At The Elder Storytelling Place today, Arlene Corwin: Night Thought

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