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If winter jasmine is the herald supra skytop uk of spring that Samuume is the upcoming

Posted Jan 12 2013 6:19am
Of course, I also like to watch novels, essays, etc., from which to understand the author's thinking, to feel the beauty of the language of the article. I fully imagine the bizarre twists and turns of the plot of the story and experience the hero's Daxitaibei feel can not feel the emotion in real life.All in all, I was with the book is like a friend, I turn the key to wisdom. I will go to cherish it, understand it. The middle of winter, the north wind blows, snow, most of the flowers are no match for the cold test have Xie go. A tall flowers, has chosen at this time facing the wind in full bloom. Blooming flowers make people think she is like a heroic giant standing in the earth. She is my favorite flowers - Samuume,.Samuume flowers have five peach-shaped petals, a few flower in the middle. The whole flower was wax yellow, only the heads of the flower cluster of red pollen. After weathered swat, fall evenly on surrounding petals years. On appearance, Samuume not nike blazer low outstanding, she did not Rose's gorgeous, delicate peach, orchid refined, but she was facing the wind exudes little fragrance, but let the spirit of all who saw her as one of vibration.

The flowers are blooming season, Samuume just silently growth, energy savings, added leaf nutrients in preparation for winter flowering. In winter, the other flowers stand up to the invasion of cold, scrambling to hide in the greenhouse, and who can not enter the greenhouse, simply leaves all fall off, leaving only the bare branches. The only Samuume, braving the cold, marching snow and ice, proudly in full bloom. Its alabaster color of branches, such as reinforced steel frame hard. Own tenacious life, indomitable will added to the cold world of infinite vigor and vitality.A snowy world, the little bit Samuume windward Blooming looked so handsome, so strong, so fearless. If winter jasmine is the herald supra skytop uk of spring, that Samuume is the upcoming spring prophet, because the midwinter after Samuume will fade. The cold plum curtain call soon, winter jasmine on Douqi bullwhip Huangcan, declared the coming of spring. "
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