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I have knees that I cannot bend all the way and knots under my left knee that seem to come and go

Posted by Joe

It all started with pain in my lower right leg.  The VA Dr said he thought it was sciatic nerve but sent me for knee exrays.  I was told that my knees were not the best but okay.  There is no pain except behind the left knee where lumps seem to get smaller and larger at their timing.  I am getting to where it is difficult to sleep and more difficult to close a reclining chair.  Got any ideas?
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I'm not a physician and it's hard to make a guess without knowing more - but some of my usual questions are:  have you tried changing your diet, adding supplements/vitamins, and have you been exercising/stretching? 

Try keeping an exercise and food diary and see if you note any correlation between the pain and certain foods or between the pain and exercise [or lack of. ] If you have not been exercising keep it gentle and make sure you stretch - yoga is a good choice.



I ride a bicycle and walk.  The swelling in my knees is always there.  My knees do not have pain.  I eat a fairly well balanced diet.  I am about 5'10" and weigh about 200lbs.  The swelling is the main problem and the hard knot behing my left knee.  Thank you for your input.
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