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I have had chronic foot & ankle pain for over 10 years. Now I am experiencing pain in the calves at night.

Posted by renee

I have been diagnosed with plantar facia & heel bone bruises, but the plantar facia has been gone for years. I am now experiencing tingling & pain (mostly at night) in the lower extremities. Have had 5 pairs of orthotics, physical therapy & ultrasound 3 times, a cast, night splints for 2 years, steroid injections, stretch daily, & took Alieve for 2 years till I developed angio-adema, message therapy, x-rays, bone scans etc. My podiatrist discharged my because he said there was nothing more he could do & he didn't know why I won't heal. I saw a rheumatologist & I do not have arthritis. I found out a year ago that my brother has neuropathy. I can only wear one pair of shoes & have not changed for 4 years cuz it hurts too much. ALIEVE helped 90 % but my allergist told me not take. Hot showers help a lot & I sleep on warm flax packs. I also have lower back problems but no disc problems. Can you help me? I'm 58 & am on my feet 80% of the day with my job.
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