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i had hydrocephalus as infant, treated per shunt as infant and removed at age of 12, now long adult, pushing 49, multiple chroni

Posted by aging?

seizure, pseudoseizure, atypical seizure, seizure activity history

20 plus years of very heavy alcoholic drinking, 7 plus years sober

chronic depression along with anxiety

fatigues very easily

"neurogenic bladder" and worsening in other areas around bowels, etc

urinary incontinence retention loss of sensation

loss of gait, gait abnormalities, worsening

worsening memory loss

on neurontin, keppra, prozac, enablax, levothyroxine, 81 mg aspirin,

concerned about recent car accident when i loss control of car, do not remember what happened

currently off work, unable to drive, should I try to work again, look into disability

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