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I do not want to say

Posted Oct 13 2012 8:02am
I know that I ask of you very much about how we met, I can not jump in the past do not say? I do not want to say. Really do not want to say. That would be a lot of trouble, and there will certainly be a lot of people to give us the condemnation to be true, as if we may be too passive. In other words, I and piano no one wanted a divorce. Her husband kids at home, and I am also. Her parents and parents jordan after game shoes -in-law, and I also like. For both of us parents, it is impossible to accept a new family member. I think some other people's children end up from nothing away from taking certain is that their parents try to look on the bright side of things, otherwise how could so easily accept their own the child constantly changing companion it? Anyway, this case, in our family, and their home, are impossible to work! We are kind of very traditional, very old-fashioned family, holidays must be reunited together, like elderly birthday too, are very solemn family gatherings, and basically not have been identified under the relationship set married men and women friends are not with the past, with the front of his family Introducing basic it can not change. Change will cause an uproar ...
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I do not wanted Bo sympathy, I know that no matter how quibble, I betrayed a marriage, betrayed my wife. The piano is also good, she and I, also betrayed her husband and family. Whenever Shijie accidental, I did not expect, I will be the protagonist of extramarital affairs. Originally, I think it will not be the slightest connection with me, and every time they went outside, my colleagues are willing to go out Lele, only I do not go. Do you understand? I think I'm not the kind of walking corpses, just for the sake of sensual pleasure. I'm honest, the rules of a traditional family education children. The Daner not large. Killed children are not out of trouble. Doomed from school. cheap jordan big ups shoes online
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