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I difficult donrrrt good coach may not stay Greentown coach youth team

Posted Oct 20 2012 9:05am
A fashion short hair, ugly fine beard, a designated iron white shirt, collar submitted black knitted pullovers outside, beyond ride a tide of small suit, two jeans trousers side are rolled up with on a kind of brown lace-up shoes, appeared along at the the Greentown base of Hidetoshi Nakata is sort of a fashion entertainment circle sportsman children.

Now Hidetoshi Nakata walking out of the office, sufferers do not know him are not able to help but remember more Kanji Yan, he or she is the widely accepted of street photographers, but is not going to think this is often a once shook Greenery Asian star. Retired for many years still maintained the best figure, which is most likely only traces of him because star. 16:00 more than yesterday, the Greentown U19 small players from the field training, Antonio Johnson Jerseys Hidetoshi Nakata sitting Okada edge silently watching thoughtfully. After retiring from the field on occasion to Beijing, Shanghai, attended various fashion shows and fashion parties, very beautiful Hangzhou, free airline Lake can be quite beautiful, but there were no opportunity to may be familier with friends say, This really my first holiday to Hangzhou.

As soon as club general manager Shen Qiang insinuations asked whether within the field have an interest in teaching Greentown players tips on how to play Tin answer can make the Greentown fans disappointed. He admitted: If someone inquired about how you can play, We're content to guide him nevertheless i cannot take the initiative to coach others, it is difficult to create good coach.

Watching the education is a bit more than 17:00, the area of even supper to consume, only so i can drink coffee, eat a small heart, inside the hotel give players classes. Ahead of the face of the young disciples, Okada, a former Custom Colts Jersey Nike disciple in a number of humor. He is definitely busy, appearance fees high, a small percentage money are not this occassion he came, every one of you here could possibly have be required to dig lots of cash, but he said that this free speak to you, so you never miss enable you to have trouble, have to ask, oh.

In the area of high spirits, this lesson was originally scheduled for 45 minutes, but he talked to get an hour and a half considering the players hungry to have enough to get rid of until 21:00. Are you in a position to echelon coach? One player asked fans would choose to wonder. Nakata deliberately scowled, We'll see you next performance if relegation, I was not considering coaching. Right this moment employing the audience Okada immediately attached to the words, I isn't going to relegation. in the park of appeasing mentor, Whether or not the downgrade seriously isn't under your control. audience suddenly laughed. It is composed by colts 10.20.2012
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