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How to choose fashion maternity dress

Posted Oct 05 2012 11:27am

When you have baby in the belly, no longer want to wear that you like clothes. In order to the safety of your baby, pregnant moms must pay attention to choose pregnant clothes. In generally, pregnant clothes must be met the following criteria: 1, feeling comfortable; 2, easy to wear off; 3, insulation and moisture absorption; 4, facilitate activities; 5, easy to wash; 6, pure natural fabrics such as cotton or linen. Early pregnancy dresses and skirts should be loosely, the latter should select waist pleated garments.

There are all kinds of fashionable maternity clothes from tops and bottoms to beachwear and lingerie. You do not have to give up skinny jeans during pregnancy since there are many brands that will include a soft stretchy waist band that fits just under the belly and gives you a long and lean look. Halter dresses can also be made to accommodate the maternity form by emphasizing lines above the baby bump that are comfortable and beautiful.

In fact, you can find all kinds of fashionable dresses that are great for wearing on a casual day or for a special occasion. For instance, maternity maxi dresses are not only fashionable but also flattering. These dresses come in print designs and have long lines that give you a leaner look even if you have a dress with contrasting prints. There are also glam maternity dresses that can be long or short with halter or sleeveless designs. Even asymmetrical off the shoulder designs can keep you fashionable while making sure you are comfortable.

1, preferred to choose anti radiation clothes

The baby is very fragile, highly penetrating ionizing radiation once high density, has the potential to cause great harm to the fetal baby, pregnant mother must be prepared for a comprehensive radiation work. First, you should buy anti radiation clothes before pregnancy, to ensure that the baby is not affected by radiation. The anti radiation clothes are100% silver fiber, providing 360-degree radiation-radiation-proof suits. Early in pregnancy, you may chooseanti radiation stomachers, if you want to wear more fashionable, you can choose to buy fashion anti radiation stomachers, which highlight good build and show your beauty. In late pregnancy, more and more anti radiation vests and suits for your choose from.

2, optimum comfortable cotton underwear

The mother-to-be during pregnancy skin unusually sensitive, and regular contact with man-made fibre fabric maternity clothes easy to trigger skin allergies, thus affecting the healthy development of the fetus, so the texture of clothes during pregnancy you should choose natural cotton, silk and comfortable underwear.

3, selecting large zip around wallet coat

The large zip clothes are easy activity, wear off easily, working for mother to wear. Second is the coat, especially in winter, when pregnant women jacket selection must as far as possible to cover the protruding stomachs, provide enough warmth to the baby.

4, choose buy overalls, reduce abdominal pressure

After 5 months pregnant, the vast majority of mothers belly are protruding, ordinary style of trousers are obviously tight, pressure on the abdomen, feeling very uncomfortable, the fetus is not good. Overalls not trousers, to avoid this problem, also increasingly bloated body visually modified, so are many mothers as preferred.

5, beautiful dresses, both nice and warm

Skirt has little pressure to the abdomen of pregnant women, dressed in beautiful and practical in the summer. However, you should choose a simple, complete, clear and beautiful pregnant women skirt, preferably anti-radiation radiation pregnant women skirt. Fall/winter season you can also choose warm effect cotton long dress, can nurse directly to live an empty stomach, then dress a long coat, to provide double baby warm. If you do not need to work, you can wear some casual maternity dress.

Many women struggle when building a maternity wardrobe, and often give up on style and fashion in the process. Shirley Stark wants to help you maintain your personal style all pregnancy long - see how you can do so by visiting her website fashion pregnancy dress.

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