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How to be a employable Mom-to-be

Posted Oct 08 2012 9:44am

Due to the development of science and technology and the improvement of living standards, increasing use in modern home computers and electrical appliances, electromagnetic radiation become a synonymous with maternity clothes. For example, after pregnancy, a lot her mother-in-law do not let daughter-in-law go online, watch TV, don't even have to have a trip to the supermarket, fear of radiation of the supermarkets of various electrical appliances to physical harm their baby. How large is the radiation risks to pregnant women on earth? What are the hazards?

First, the hazards of radiation for the pregnant women themselves

Effects of radiation pregnant women first of all are to bring for the pregnant women themselves. Data showed that half of healthy young people are unable to withstand radiation doses for 4 gold mines. Mild radiation can cause symptoms such as nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, fever, and severe symptoms of radiation would not only make the increase, speed of onset, is causing serious injury to the body's internal chemical environment, cancer and even death.

Second, the fetal effects of radiation

Statistics showed that effects of radiation on children rather than adults, likewise, radiation is more severely for the fetus, the fetus in the womb, is in a critical period of growth, cells divide more cumbersome, if they are affected by radiation, cell to automatically repair the injury, also have a greater chance of error, or even cause birth defects.

So we can see that the radiation hazard affects the health of children and mothers.

How to avoid radiation? In fact, radiation pregnant women need not be so cumbersomely, can get a radiation of light and comfortable clothing. Face assortment of anti radiation clothes on the market, we should understand the need for it.

Radiation protection products like the pregnant anti radiation clothes, mostly is metal, silver fiber mixed regulation technology, fabrics speciation method for shielding electromagnetic wave reflection of metal mesh, has a very good blocking effect on electromagnetic wave. Although there are no clear criteria for its protective effects are also very easy to detect.

Pregnant women in spring and summer you can choose maternity dress or captivated by suit or apron or loops in the autumn, winter suit or a vest. In addition, you should think about the pregnant Mommy radiation around the nature of the work and of the environment. If the radiation is very strong around the recommended radiation protection waistcoat, do this to themselves and the belly the fetus have the most powerful protection; if the radiation is very weak around it (if there is no access to computers at the same time had little contact with other electrical appliances), you can choose radiation bellyband. Pregnant Mommy even in cases where radiation sources are weak around it, more than three months pregnant also recommended radiation protection waistcoat, thus better protecting the health of the fetus. What is more, maternity bras are also need to choose the radiation styles.

Up to now, the radiation-proof fabrics have developed for four generation. Silver fiber (three generations) and Ionic Silver (four generations) are all good choices. Fiber-silver radiation-proof clothing, high shielding efficiency, also sterilize, airy function. Disadvantages are easily, easy to change color. Ions of silver fabric, soft, breathable, lightweight, with antibacterial, anti-fouling effect, the effect is durable and can be washed, even long-term wear are not oxidized, discoloration, fabric is a safe non-toxic green products, does not have side effects on the human body. By the national authority test center test, ultra broadband electromagnetic radiation shielding effect in the 10HZ-3000HZ 90% up above.

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