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How long should ugg boots last?

Posted Oct 30 2012 1:42am

This depends on too many factors to provide a general answer. If your <strong><a href="" title="uggs on sale">uggs on sale</a></strong> are sized correctly and you’ve used the boots mostly indoors you will get years out of your boots. We provide our boots with a 12 month warranty but this is subject to usage. Follow the tips below and you’ll greatly extend the life of your boots.


Can guys/boys/men wear ugg boots?

Yes <strong><a href="" title="ugg boots on sale">ugg boots on sale</a></strong> are increasingly popular amongst men and have been popular amongst men in Australia for decades. Stick with Classic Short/Tall styles and darker colours for the best outfit compatibility.


Clean Gently

Many light stains can be quite easily removed. Unfortunately many people often end up inflicting more damage when attempting to remove heavier stains and stretch their ugg boots or simply spread the original stain over a larger area. Always stuff your ugg boots full of newspaper after you've cleaned them to retain their shape.


How to stop <strong><a href="" title="ugg boots sale">ugg boots sale</a></strong> from smelling?

Occasionally after some time your ugg boots may begin to smell, simple drop a tea spoon of baking powder into your boots, give the boots a shake and allow them to sit for 48hrs. This will absorb the unwanted odour and help to remove any moisture build-up. To remove the baking soda hold the boot upside down and shake it for at least a couple of minutes.


Purchase the right size

Take your foot measurement when purchasing and buy the closest size. Do not simply purchase your normal shoe size, ugg boots are a unique cut. If your boots are too tight they will stretch, if your <strong><a href="" title="uggs on sale">uggs on sale</a></strong> are too loose they will not support your foot correctly. This simple 3 minute step will be the best thing you’ve done and will drastically change how much you enjoy your ugg boots and how long they last.

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