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How do I cope with urostomy, ileostomy and abdomen pains with kidneys function deteriorateing?

Posted by NaginK

I am 67 now. I had bladder cancer and my bladder was removed on 31 March 2003. There was a leak post surgery that poisoned the digestive tract. I had another surgery on 11 April 2003 and a loop ileostomy pouch was installed to give the digestive tract some rest for 6 months and then reverse the ileostomy.

For sever years now, I have had both the urostomy and the ileostomy. Now my kidneys are functioning at 70% and the left kidney is damaged since either from birth, or later, or when I had the two surgeries.

I am having some times excruciating pain in the lower abdomen. Colorectal surgeon and Nephrologist are carrying out some tests.

I wonder whether anyone could explain to me what could be happening to my body and what measures I should take while waiting for the further tests, etc. 





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