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Home-sick once more kung fu

Posted Sep 21 2012 3:14am
Have a doctor to a research institute, become the highest degree of a person. One day he to unit the back of the small pond to go fishing, deputy director of the just in one of his left a right, also in fishing. He just slightly point nod, the two undergraduate, have what good chat?
Not and in a short while, is director of the fishing pole down, stretch, ceng Dally on the water such as enclave <a href="">peuterey giacche</a> went to the toilet. Doctor eyes all quick to drop down. Water wave? Can't? This is a pond ah. Is director top over toilet came back, also ceng Dally from water wave came back. What's the matter? Doctoral and bad to ask, oneself is a doctor which!
A, deputy director also stood up, took a few steps on the surface, cengceng rub across the water to the toilet. Dr. It is almost faint: can't, came to a river's lake superior centralized place?
The doctoral student also nature calls. The pond is on both sides of the fence, want to have the toilet around ten minutes way, and back again on unit is too far away, how to do? Doctoral student is not willing to ask two director, suppressed along while, also rose up and went to the water span: I not the letter undergraduate can water, I doctoral student cannot pass.
Listen to dong of 1, doctoral planted in the water. Two director pulled him out, and asked why he want to enter, he asked: "why do you can walk in the past?"
Two director a smile: "this pond have two row pile son, because the two days it rains flood water just under water. We all know this pile position, so can be stepping on a stake in the past. How do you ask a sound?"
Degree on behalf of the past, only learning force can represent the future. Respect experience, to less detours. A good team, also should be a learning team.

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