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high heels is like a sharp, sexy, deadly dagger

Posted Jul 09 2012 3:28am
For women, high heels is like a sharp, sexy, deadly dagger, let a woman to conquer, conquer the world man.

Skirt + high frequency mirror beauty from foot. Elegant Flats.Many people wear high-heeled shoes to walk when sound great, actually this is wrong walking posture!Walk your feet too much force, and knees in a bent state, high heels hit the ground sound will become very large in the course of time, there can be problems with the right foot pain, walking, walking, high-heeled shoes tinkling and relaxed "Da Da" sound.High heels will also cause the body forward, such a position maintaining a long time on the pelvis is extremely adverse.Therefore, the height of the heel best in 3 ~ 5 cm.Stilettos make knee joint pressure increases by 26%, and the width is increased by about 22% with high heels.This pressure will make the knee cartilage wear, long down gradually rise to osteoarthritis.Not only such, shoes and ankle sprain, causing the corns and toe inflammation risk.

Heel should not be too high, not too pointed toe.Don't let the young some of the beauty of the heart, resulting in his old age in some diseases, don't like oh. Elegant Big Kiss Studded Flats Black.High heels is now an essential female also addictive things, wear high-heeled shoes, the girl can suddenly become very pretty and charming lady.The toes or shoe tip wear, mostly because the heel is too high, palm before the force and the first grounding caused by.

For pregnant women, foot and shoe appears more important.Don't go a long way.Buy new shoes, soft and comfortable is the most important not to choose too small, beautiful shoes.To try different height shoes, often rotate wearing.Each brand will be high-heeled shoes as the main sales products.Pay attention to the style and fabric shoes.Selection of air permeability and softness of the texture of the shoes, for example: leather or nylon.

Because do not know the purchase shoes of the essentials, covet beauty and fashion, people often buy a shoes that didn't fit, 64% people a day wearing the wrong shoes all over the place, which is mainly because probably concerned about appearances while wearing high heels LADY. Elegant Big Kiss Studded Flats Purple.Instant upgrade fashion sense!Star fad "shoes".
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