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Posted by mary

My 81 year old mother-in-law recently had a hemipelvectomy in order to remove a tumor (chondrosarcoma)of the pelvis. She has numbness in her left foot since the proceedure and it is difficult for her to lift her left leg..that leg had always been weak but she could walk and function without the use of a cane, walker, or wheelchair prior to the chondrosarcoma.What are the odds that the numbness will fade and that she will regain use of her left foot and leg? She can move her foot around, but she has trouble lifting it.
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My daughter also had a hemipelvectomy 3 years ago and has the same problem. It sounds like "drop foot" you can learn more if you google it or her doc should be able to diagnose...I have heard wonderful things about something called a Dictus Band to assist with holding the foot while daughter has not tried it yet but I plan to order one for her as she gets her strength back. Best of luck with everything.
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