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HealthQuest Providing Comprehensive Slip and Fall Prevention Program

Posted Jul 25 2013 9:41am
HealthQuest’s focused slip and fall prevention program allows older adults and geriatric patients improve their mobility and independence by predicting and modifying risk factors.

HealthQuest, a leading multi-specialty center located in Brooklyn, New York is offering a comprehensive slip and fall prevention program for older adults to improve their mobility and independence. This program is consistent with the clinical practice guidelines of the American Geriatric Society for the prevention of falls in older adults.

Individuals can enroll in the program by presenting a doctor's referral based on increased risk due to age, history, medication changes, degenerative joint disease, and osteoporosis, to name a few.

The program has two main components: assessment and conditioning. The initial consult, which takes about 45 minutes, focuses on a complete analysis of the patient’s health with a balance test, walking test, knee and angle strength test, and blood pressure and heart rate monitoring. If necessary, the program is extended to seven visits over a period of one month. HealthQuest’s physicians review the test results with the patients and advise them on their risk of falling which may be physical and/or environmental.

A customized exercise and balance program is provided to help deal with the physical risks of a fall. This interventional program includes in-clinic exercise to improve strength, balance, walking speed, step length, flexibility, and cardiovascular fitness as well as simple home exercises. The balance training and exercise program would include:

  • - Biodex Isokinetic Testing and Exercise
  • - Dynamic testing and training
  • - Gait (walking) testing and training
  • - In clinic and home exercise programs
  • - Home safety tips
  • Gait analysis helps the physician evaluate the variations in gait and abnormal movements typical in people with knee, hip, foot, and ankle pain. Gait training sessions are provided to help them improve walking speed and learn how to walk more safely and confidently.

    Environmental factors that put people at risk of falling include poor lighting, wet floors, objects in pathways, unbalanced seating, unsteady handrails, and more. Patients are then helped in identifying such factors in their everyday environment, so that they can take appropriate measures to eliminate these issues.

    Once the program is complete, participants are provided with a report on its effects. Further exercises may be recommended to prolong benefits and address specific issues.

    Falls can have severe consequences including impaired function, fracture, disability, and mortality. For geriatric patients and older adults, enrolling in HealthQuest’s slip and fall prevention program is a step in the right direction as it provides them with the opportunity to assess their risks and prevent falls.

    About HealthQuest

    HealthQuest is an established multi-specialty healthcare center based in Brooklyn, New York. Specialties here include physical therapy, pain management, spinal decompression, chiropractic, smoking cessation therapies and weight loss programs, and more. For more information, visit

    Contact Details 3500 Nostrand Ave
    Brooklyn, NY 11229
    PH: 718-769-2521
    Fax: 718-646-1911
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